Simon Griffiths is the founder of Smiths heavy haulage which is a division of Smiths Mechanical Services Ltd. based at tower close, Bridgend.

Simon saw an opportunity to expand Smiths by utilizing low loaders which were being used to transport customer’s vehicles. Rather than have them standing still, he quickly realised that they could be put to better use.

After approaching local companies he established that there was a huge market to break into. He soon found that the heavy haulage business grew faster than expected.

Not wanting to let new and current customers down, Simon purchased several heavy haulage tractor units and trailers.

This enabled Smiths heavy haulage to specialise in transporting the more abnormal loads throughout the country.

Smiths became members of FORS, which allows them to comply with London movements and regulations.

The fleet grew and so did Smiths heavy haulage’s good name.

With the backing of John and Sharon Griffiths, who run the Smiths mechanical services side of the company, both sections are able to compliment each other. Most importantly Smiths offer the customer a wide variety of professional services.